Running CACE simulations on existing/final design

To run tests on a schematic from your local working library, ensure that the challenge submission library, which in this example is XBG_1V23LC_V01 contains only the {ic} icon view of the target IP to be submitted.

Now let’s say that your final schematic is finaldesign_v1 under local library myworkinglibrary.


Notice the grouping of {sch} and {ic} views, which is a grouped cell with a symbol view (black-box with pin outs) {ic} as well as a schematic view {sch} for circuit. Once we have the schematic view, we will now quickly copy<>paste our circuit from myworkinglibrary to the empty XBG_1V23LC_V01{sch}. To do this,


Now we have to ensure that the nodes of our schematic are mapped to pin-out names of the challenge IP. We will do a quick visual inspection ensure that there are no node mapping errors.

Ensure that all pins are mapped to target symbol’s pin-out (use bindkeys Ctrl+F for Focus on Highlighted mode and f key for Fill Window mode ). That’s it! You can now save your library and run CACE simulations on the schematic of your challenge submission library.

As always, if you have any suggestions for essential bind-keys we might have missed, feel free to reach out to us using the Help widget on the bottom right cornet or by emailing us at

Last updated on January 22.