efabless provides everything you need to design, verify and prototype your IC design.

efabless has introduced a unique opportunity for independent circuit designers to engage with customers and sell their work worldwide. It’s called the efabless marketplace, and here’s how it works.

When a customer needs a new IP, they first search the marketplace to see whether any existing IP meets their needs. For example, they may search for an ADC with (spec1, spec2 and spec3). If they find that circuit in the Marketplace, they can easily license it from its creator.

What’s more likely, however, is that they’ll find an ADC that is nearly what they want, but needs an additional feature. For example, they may find a circuit that (has spec1), but they need (something better). They can request a derivative circuit from the creator of that IP, also from within the Marketplace.

When a customer is unable to find the circuit they need in the marketplace, we run a design challenge. The customer enters all of their circuit requirements into the efabless design platform using a template. The efabless platform turns these requirements into an Executable Spec, which is compared against design deliverables at each stage of the contest. Designers are able to see exactly where their design meets the spec, and where it doesn’t meet the spec, based on simulation with foundry libraries and models.

The efabless design platform includes:

Design Marketplace

Custom IC Design Software Tools

IC Design Software Tools

At the end of the design contest, the three designers who meet the specifications with the best combination of performance and area are paid by the customer. Here’s the best part: IP is private until the designer gets paid. During the contest, all anyone else can see is how well the circuit performs against the spec. Customers don’t get to see the schematic or layout until the designer gets paid.

Community members retain the rights to IP created on the system under the Technology Licensing Agreement. However, the IP is maintained on our system and is not available for downloading from the system. This is necessary to enable the ability to design with foundry PDK’s without requiring NDA’s.

A lot of good circuits may not win the contest. These designs will all be added to the MarketPlace, where other customers may purchase them or ask for derivatives. Quality circuits in the MarketPlace may generate a significant amount of revenue, especially if they perform common functions well.