Get your custom Analog/MS IP/IC design needs met

When you need a custom IC or IP block, you currently have two choices. You can turn to your internal engineering team, or you can negotiate with external design firms. This can take months if you have the right skills in-house, and longer if you don’t. Efabless lets you request custom IP from our community of experienced designers. We call this “Scalable Engineering On-Demand” It’s the fastest way to design a custom chip, and it gives you more control over the the entire process.

It all starts with your spec. You create it online just like a data sheet, defining your schedule and all of your required performance criteria. We provide templates for each common AMS circuit like converters, regulators and bandgaps.

All design work is done online, using a common tool set and foundry-supplied models and libraries. The efabless design platform provides schematic capture, circuit sim, layout, parasitic extraction and physical verification in an integrated environment all synchronized back to your original specs.

Foundries & Chip Makers

Our community provides IP on demand, customized and forked to meet your changing needs. The community can even identify and provide IP you never knew that you needed.

System Developers & OEM’s

Our community provides a virtual ASIC capability. Choose among rated and reviewed ASIC designers who then leverage the community to make the silicon that differentiates your product and protects your “secret sauce”.